Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities

I have been reading over posts about tube amps and their bass qualities. I understand that for the most part, that a ss amp with have an edge in bass qualities compared to a tubed amp. Damping factor, etc. But I can give up a little of that edge for what I enjoy in the midrange qualities of a tubed amp. So my question is, what tube power amps have you heard that have good bass qualities?  Raven, Quicksilver, Mac, etc.?   Let's give a price point. 5K or under. What do you think?

If you’ve still got the Klipsch Heresy’s, anything good sounding will do, as almost rubbing two sticks together will drive them.

If your set on tubes, probably OTL’s would be your best pick.

I had the Heresy’s this is what I would do.
The Schiit 25w Class-A Aegir would be a cracker for just $799 So long as you don't want big party levels.

If you’ve got the bi-ampable Heresy’s
You could then go horizontal Bi-Amping with the Schhiit Class-A Aegir on the mids and highs and the $699 Schiit Vidar for the bass. now that would be a killer combo for less than $1500 and you can trial them for 15days.

Cheers George
Tube amps have excellent bass with easy to drive speakers.Rogue,Prima Luna,Atma Sphere are all good choices.My Aric Audio amp provides all of the powerful and nuanced bass I could ever want.
my 4 watt decware mini torii has decent bass with Ref 3A de Capos
Amps don't make good bass.  Speakers create music, including bass response.

While it's true that different designs and different tubes will sound different, if you need more bass you need to find a speaker, compatible with your amp, that will deliver the bass response you are looking for.  With your music, in your room and with your ears.

Manley Labs Mahi Mahi or Snappers with upgraded tubes.  Mahi are a bit quicker with EL-84 tubes.  Snappers are fuller and more powerful with EL-34 tubes.  Tube costs are reasonable for replacement/upgrade and they are quite reliable.