Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities

I have been reading over posts about tube amps and their bass qualities. I understand that for the most part, that a ss amp with have an edge in bass qualities compared to a tubed amp. Damping factor, etc. But I can give up a little of that edge for what I enjoy in the midrange qualities of a tubed amp. So my question is, what tube power amps have you heard that have good bass qualities?  Raven, Quicksilver, Mac, etc.?   Let's give a price point. 5K or under. What do you think?

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Yes on the Rogue. I had the ST90 with KT120`s and still have (albeit being sold) the Rogue Atlas Magnum also with KT120`s.
Loved both !
AND... Rogue has a nice upgrade path too. In fact I`ve toyed with the idea of sending my Atlas in for an upgrade to the Magnum II for only $495...But I don`t need two systems..need to be balanced.
Rogue is Good stuff