Tube amps with BALLS in the low end registrer ???

i am searching for a moderate power (200 to 250 WPC)tube mono block amp who got balls in the low end !!!
Any sugestions with hybrid mono block amps are welcome
Alternative from SS AMPS are : MCintosh MC 501 or the PASS X350.5 ???
Which pair of amps will be the best to drive with comfort a pair of PARSIFAL ENCORE ?
P.S.: i like a soft and WET sound !!!
I'm confused. Moderate power tube amp (200-250 wpc)? That's HIGH power for tube amps IMHO.
Then you like it soft and wet, yet you want BALLS in the low end register? This seems to be a contradicition.

FWIW, here is a couple of recos for HIGH power tube amps (200+ wpc). Here you have the Bella EXtreme Custom
Antique Sound Labs
Hurricane and Monsoon mono bloc amplifiers
, and then there's always VTL S-400, or go all out with the VTL Sigfried's.

I own the Parsifal Encore's too, and I can't imagine why you would need all of this power, but there you go.

Second Moscode 401R - I have 2, bi-amping and they can be each used in mono-mode (switch on back) - they have huge balls - and you can make the tubes soft and wet:)
I've been very pleased with the bottom end on my VTL MB-450's, full and extended (as John mentioned they couldn't be called moderate power, though in triode mode they're about the power you're looking for).
why not just biamp? get a 50 to 100 watt tube amp for the top and a mega watt solid state amp for the bass. you might could save some dough by going with a digital amp for the bass.
My system have a huge balls.
And I think most of us like it soft and wet.
Bi-amping might be the way to go.....for you.