Tube Amps: Which Taps? 4ohm, 6ohm, 8ohm?

I have a speaker with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, with the lowest impedance at about 4 ohms. WHich setting for speaker level outputs on Audioprism Debut amp? 4, 6, 8 ohm ?
I was told by the people at AudioPrism, very nice and helpful folks, by the way, that it doesn't really matter which tap you use as long as all settings are consistent. It really is supposed to be a matter of whichever sounds better. Me, I can't really tell the difference, but I tried my 8 ohm speakers on all three taps and 8 ohm sounded somewhat better to me, so that's what I use. No help to you at all, yeah, I know, but that's what I was told.
I would expect that the 8 ohm tap supplies the highest swing, the 6 ohm less, and the 4 ohm least (that would be consistent with transformer winding ratios for the impedance matching. If you use the 4 ohm tap on an 8 ohm nominal speaker, depending on the speaker efficiency and your sound level requirements, you may find need to advance the (volume) level to the point that you may drive the amp output stage into voltage limitation (clipping). Conversely, if you use the 8 ohm tap on a speaker that exhibits considerably lower impedance over much of its range, you could encounter current limitation (again depending on the sound pressure levels you desire). I would suggest that youmight try each tap, starting with the 8 ohm and starting with your level control down, and use the one that gives adequately loud listening level with a reasonable position of the level control; that is, not just cracked or almost full up. I'm guessing you'd end up with 8 or 6. If you perceive a sound difference, you're on your own. :-)
Make that "highest output voltage swing".