Tube Amps Watts vs SS amp

Can someone explain is there is a difference between the watts of a tube amp vs vSS amp, Looking to get a tube amp ,but i see that the watts are much less than the SS amps, So how do these Tubes amps with 25 -70 - wpc drive these high end speakers, I have a vintage pair of AR 9s and 2 mcintosh MC2200 amps in mono (400 WPC) to drive these ,what tube amp will power these under 3-4k new or used, ThanksĀ 
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"i have seen a 18 watt parallel SET amp with great monolith transformers destroy a very respectable 100 watt SS amp"

I have seen 12wpc tube amps destroy Krell KSA-250 Class A amps before they evaporated into the thin air and never seen again...still looking...