Tube amps under 1,800 for gallo 3.1's

I have been really wanting to try tube amps out for a long time now.
My budget is 1,800 used. I listen to rock music for the most part.

What amps will mesh good with my gallo 3.1's?

So far I'm looking at these amps in my price range.

Cary V12
Cary six pac mono's
Rouge M120 mono's
ASL Hurricane mono's

I will take others into consideration also.

I have had tubes with my Gallos. Highly modified Jolida 502b kt88 60 watts with a wide variety of tubes and cords, everything tweaked. 60 watts was plenty of power but the synergy just wasn't there. I am big fan of tube amps but with a few exceptions I think you are going to find the majority of folks using Gallos are using SS or class D amps and a tube preamp.

I am now using a Wyred 4 sound ST1000 and a Cary slp98 tubed preamp with just wonderful results. By far the best combination I have had with them. I definately wouldn't look to tubes for rock music with these speakers.
Just my 2 cents
I was using a bel canto s300. I liked the setup, but it was a bit to dry and thin.
I'm looking for a bigger and deeper sound stage.

I also want airy vocals and a midrange that is more rich.

I'm open for suggestions .
What are you using for a preamp?
Oh sorry it was a s300i. So I will need to pick up a preamp also.
You can bypass the pre-amp section of the bel canto and drive it with a tube pre-amp; I did and I think is added some of the elements you're seeking. Many options to consider, but I use a Rogue 99 (NOS tubes) which probably falls on the lusher side of things.

The bc with 99 were not quite as good as the 99 and Rogue 90 amp but it was really very close.
Steidlguitars..I already sold the bel canto.
maybe a hybrid amp would work for you like monarchy audio
SE160 mono's.
bump for more opinions.
This is the 4th thread you have started asking about amps for these speakers. How much more input do you need? Buy a SS or class D amp and a good tube preamp which is what almost everyone has already suggested. Tube amps are not going to get you where you want to be with these speakers for rock and roll.

You can get a new Wyred 4 Sound ST500 from Underwood hifi for 1,500.00 or another Bel Canto, or Belles, PS AUdio, an older Krell, Classe, or Pass Labs will probably all be a good match.

There are a bunch of great preamps from Manley,VTL,Rogue, Modwright,Cary,Audible Illusions, Audio Research.... All from just under $1,000 to $2,000 Wyred 4 Sound even has a new preamp out to match their amps for $1,795.

Except for the couple of brand new items in my list if you don't like the piece you can resell for pretty much what you paid for it and try something else.
I am going with manley snappers, and a bel canto pre3, i'll see how this combo works out

I hope you will update this thread after you have had the Snappers for a bit. I am interested in how they work with the Gallos.


I will post an update when I get them.
I thought I would add in that I am using a PS Audio GCC-250 as a power amp and a Rowland Consonance preamp. Tried several tube preamps --- but that Rowland is a really nice synergy with the Gallo 3.1's and the class D PS Audio. I was looking to open up the sound stage a little.