tube amps SET,psuh pull ,hi power whats better ?

I have some tube gear but wondering , whats the low down between SET amps that are low powered and push pull. whats better and what are the sonics to both or any other design,thanks

Please excuse my inability to get technical in this realm, but hopefully this description (along with those from others) will help clarify some of the differences.

If I remember correctly, you have Klipschorns, yes? They are a perfect match for SET, which has an intimacy and airyness in the midrange, as opposed to what might be characterized as a tighter, punchier, and less holographic sound in a push/pull amp. There are some who would suggest that XYZ push/pull amp sounds like SET, but personally I've never heard one that mimics SET any more than SS can approximate the sound of tubes. Some push/pulls are either wired as triode (Wright Mono 10's, for example) or switchable into triode mode (I believe Rogue, VAC, others), which has the effect of warming up the sound of the pentode push/pull. I would liken the effect on the musical notes to taking a ball of pizza dough (pentode), and rolling it out (triode). When you hear the two, this seemingly odd reference might make more sense.

As a general rule, I like push/pull for rock/blues, and SET for jazz/classical/vocals/etc. Since having been bitten by the SET bug, I could not be without one. Everything else IMO creates distance between me and the music, as a palpable intimacy is lost without it.
Hi yes I have Khorns, thanks for the info, will try some different thing, Ben
With those Khorns, Ben, I would definitely have a listen to a SET amp. They will really sing.
Check out the All class A 12Watt EL84 PP designed by Jack Elliano from
While there are distinct differences in the topologies of these amplifiers, the actual execution of the design is very important to the result.

It is very hard to say that a SET will be better than a push-pull, unless you have some indication that they are both quality examples of those designs. A poorly made SET may not be better than a good push-pull amp.

That being said, the speakers will define the need for power, and the more efficient speaker designs will generally require less power to give similar SPL. The K-horns are efficient and don't need alot of power. A good SET should do well on them.

On an ultimate scale, I think that an excellent SET can sound as good as it gets, as long as the match with the speaker is correct. If you select a bad matchup, then it is not the amplifier's fault or the speaker's fault.