tube amps or amps between $1000 and $2000

could you please make a recommendation for a tube amp or mono blocks for von schweikert vr4 gen 2. would like to spend between 1 and 2 g's but would like decent sound that wouldn't have me looking for others anytime soon.
Conrad Johnson MV60 (EL34s) or MV60SE (6550s) depending on what you listen to. The latter is better for orchestral and rock. They go for $1500-1600 used.
Quicksilver Mono 100s (KT88s). <$2000 used.
Both are superb amps.
Third choice would be a Rogue Stereo 90 (KT88s) @$2k new.
I love my Cary CAD-50M MkII monoblocks..Pentode or Triode... 4/8 ohm tap switch. KT-88 based, so tubes are reliable and easy to obtain. Superb sounding amps for about $1200-1300 pair going rate on the GoN. They dont come around too often however.
sorry about my response i misread it try the aes six pacs they are superb
Rogue M-120 Magnum is in your price range, for a little more the Rogue M-150 Magnums. I bought the 120's a few weeks back and like them a lot...very musical and have a good power supply... which is what you will need if you want to maintain solid state like bass response on your full range speakers.

I'm driving 4ohm/87db Apogee Duetta Signatures with mine so Should work well with your 91db VS's.

Well since you have a BAT preamp how about a used VK-60? Assuming of course that you like your preamp.
Also, take a look at the Aronov LS-960 and the LS-9100 monoblock amps on
A used pair recently on sale for $1900 here on Audiogon. A stunning bargain price; not sure if still for sale, but worth checking if you want to avoid that restless feeling any time soon.
I realize you want the best, although you cautiously used expression "decent sound," and each of the earlier recommendations really excellent, but Aronov surprises in a special way. Aronov bass is hard to equal for tube amp, or any amp. Have heard a lot of the great amps at the NYC Stereo shows, and still not restless, myself.
I'd agree with Dwhitt about the AES SixPacs. 50wpc with the standard EL34's, and around 35wpc with somewhat lusher KT-66's. I had Monitor Audio GR60's hooked to them at 90db sensivity, and the SixPacs had absolutely no problem driving them to mid to high 90's db sound pressure. I have been seeing them for under 2k here on Audiogon. You can also get them modified by the factory (Cary) with Jensen Oil caps, balanced inputs (with a switch to toggle between balanced and single-ended), and much better speaker binding posts. Nice amps.
Conrad Johnson MV60, MV60SE for tubes

Marsh A400s for SS

Blue Circle amps for Hybrid

If you like buying gear under the radar that is very, very good for the money then look at Mcalister Audio out of Canada. Great tube amps! $995 for a brand new 75 tube amp.
Fresh approach to tube amp design.

I'll second Jond's recommendation on the BAT VK-60, You'd be hard pressed to do better at their used prices.

Dpm2340 said:

"decent sound that wouldn't have me looking for others anytime soon."

A goal we all want! With that in mind, you didn't mention your rooms size or the SPL's you will need (MAX) to keep you happy long term. The most beautiful sounding amp in the world is of little value if it can not drive YOUR speakers to the levels YOU need in YOUR room.

Driving a multi-driver speaker system rated at 91db with a stereo amp is not the same as driving a single driver speaker system rated at 91db. I'll guess that you want full range sound with at least authoritative bass out of your full range speakers?.

If so, I see some scratches on the list even though they are fine amps I'm sure.


I'll third the AES Sixpacs. I really can't find anything they don't do well (in my system). In addition to overall sound quality they are solidly built, have great packaging, great service/support provided by Cary/AES. Note: I am not familiar with your speakers, so either audition to assure synergy or buy used and try out. Good luck.
I would also suggest Berning EA-230's...I have driven many different speakers with them and performed wonders.
I will second the CJ recommendation either the MV-60 or premier 11a; but of course I am biased toward CJ.