Tube Amps on Sistrum Platforms

I have just discovered what a big noticable difference well made vibration isolation devices can make on my system. So I am very intested in this and am looking into different options as to what works best in my system.
I just removed the plynth on the bottum of VS VR4jr's and sat the speakers on Sistrem SP 004 platforms. I'm loving the difference it makes, so I'm keeping them where they are.
I have Quicksilver V4 monoblocks which are quite heavy. It has been highly reccomended and I am considering putting Sistrum SP 004 platforms under these to couple them to the carpeted cement floor.
I am also looking at another option which is highly reommended. I now have the monoblocks(with their original feet) sitting on top of Mapleshade 4" thick solid maple platforms which are secured to large Mapleshade brass footers with points. It is all sitting directly on the carpeted floor. It has been highly recommended that I keep the maple stands as they are, but to put Herbies Iso Cups with Acrylic Balls between the amps and the maple stands.
If you have had any experience with either set up or something similar I would love to hear your input and recommendations. Thank you very much for your time. Edward
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For my particular Cary SLA-70 Sig stereo tube amp, using Mapleshade Ultimate Triplepoint v.3 Brass Footers between the amp and the maple board, seemed to enable the most "substantial" or full bodied, yet accurate, presentation. That is the synergy working best, for one particular system.
The exact new combination idea from Herbie's, which you are considering, did not exist, then.
In your other Sistrum discussion thread, I have mentioned that as a user of many of the different products you are considering, the fact is they all provide much improvement, and the same applies here.
The improvements are never identical.
Your own listening experience must determine the "winner". That's what those money-back guarantees are all about.
if you really want to hear the tube amp I really recommend the Sistrum 101 since I use it under my MFA D75.The change is totally amazing and you will not go back!Hope this helps Dennis