Tube amps for Quad 988's

Looking for suggestions on what tube amps have the best synergy with the 988's. Personally, I'd like amps with less than 12 tubes per side, because I live in a hot climate. But, for the purpose of completeness, please discuss any amp that you know works well with the Quads. So far, my research has yielded the following suggestions:

Quad II-fourty's
Atmasphere M-60 Mark II.2 (with Zeros)
Audio Research again VS55
Antique Sound Labs ???
Quicksilver M-135
Quicksilver Mono 100's
Art Audio KT88 push pull

What have you found to be good? How would you describe the sound/synergy. Any other considerations worth noting? Thanks Much.
I bought a pair of 989's from Galen Carol Audio a couple of years ago and also an EAR 534 tube amp at his suggestion. It is a great amp and worked magic with the 989's. Unfortunately the WAF on the 989 came to be and I let them go. I still have the 534 if you would be interested.
As a Quad dealer your budget would be very helpful since there are many fine tube amps available.
The Quad tube monoblocks are a great match since system synergy works very well in the Quad family, and the price is very reasonable for tube amps of this quality.
I also sell Thor Audio Tube amps, and I find that the Thor monoblocks are the best that I have ever heard on a Quad speaker, and I have heard many high quality tube amps on Quads.
The Thor TPA-30 monoblocks give the Quads plenty of power at 30 watts ultralinear.
The Thors give the Quads a huge soundstage, extraordinary seperation,and clarity that only a Quad can deliver.
I sell Thor because I really have never heard a tube amp that makes a Quad sound this good.
If you need more power the TPA-60 watt mono is absolutely amazing.
Many people complain that Quads are bass shy.
The Thor amps give the Quads more than enough bass. I never have the need for more bass when I have the Thors on the Quads.
To sum up, I used many other amps on the Quads and I used to have the volume gain on my preamp set at 11:00-12:30 when I played loudly.
With the Thors I rarely go beyond 10:00 and my room sings louder and clearer than with all of the others.
If you own Quads, you really should check out the Thor line of amps.
I know this sounds like a commercial, and as a dealer it most likely will to you, but you owe it to yourself to give your Quads a match that will satisfy you for many years without the need for a subwoofer.
I wouldn't sell them if they didn't sound this good, and there are plenty of tube amps out there.

I currently use a pair of Quad ESL-63's that I have owned for around 5 years. I have owned several different amps. The amps I am currently using are by far my favorite. They are a pair of Cary 805c's. They have more than enough power to drive the Quads, but tend to be slightly bass shy (of course, Quads are a little bass shy by nature). If you don't want to spend the $$ for the 805c's, try to find a used pair of Cary SLM-100's. My previous amps were a pair of those with KT-88 tubes. You get about 95% of the 805c sound and a little extra bass as compared to 805c's.

One last comment, the first amp I used with the Quads was an Audio Research integrated, and I have also heard Quad 988's powered by a pair of VTM-200's. To my ears Quad / Audio Research does not make a good match.