Tube Amps for PARADIGM Studio/100 V2

Comment's and recommendation's on tube amps with the paradigm Ref 100 V2.Thank You for your comment's in advance.
I bet the Rogue M-120's would sound awesome!
I love tubes but when it was time for a new amp I went with a SS Pass Aleph-3 with a Rogue 99 pre.The combo is very good.BTW, I have the Paradigm Studio 80's
The 88 will also do a good job.
So will some of the entery level Amps from Anthem
MMMmmm... the M120's would be so nice. I would definitely go with the M120's now instead of later. You'll save lots on shipping and hassles in the long run since these weigh in at 120 lbs! When you get them, play around with the 12AX7 tubes (add some NOS Mullards or Phillips) and find yourself a nice pre.