tube amps for B & W 603's ???

just purchased the 603's which are brighter than the merlin 1B+ that I loved for many years using a B&K st140 and superphon revelation II that are now 19 years young. I was thinking of getting a VTL integrated but they won't return emails so I assume they are no longer in business? and if I did purchase a used VTL unit where in S.E. michigan would I have it repaired?

I have considered getting a conrad johnson preamp model 12L or comparable counterpoint model because of perceived customer support and updating the power amp next year come tax time. but the idea of the VTL integrated appeals to me more at this time because I would be covering both bases.

thanks to all who answer...mark
I surely wouldn't assume they are out of business just because they don't return emails.

How much do you want to spend?
$2000 or so for the amp and pre amp. I recently read something that I believe was on this forum and it claimed VTL ate tubes. any truth to the lower powered units doing that? thanks for your reply...mark
Not to talk you out of going with a tube amp, but have you run you new speakers for at least 100 hours? My experiance has been that most speakers need at least 100 hours of run time before they sound good, and the brightness goes away.
I have a new pair of B&W 603s and I tried a PrimaLuna Prologue II and wasn't impressed. Poor synergy, perhaps? Don't laugh but I'm enjoying a NAD 320BEE much more and will soon be testing a Musical Fidelity X-150. Drop me a line if you want to see how it goes.