Tube amps and components in HT

Are tube amps usable with HT systems ?
my system will be used mainly for stereo music..
but i plan on building an HT system with it too..
and i want to know if tube components are good for HT too?

and wich brand have reasonably priced tube amps
( sub 100W of course) that sounds really really good! ??

thanks :)

we are presently using 3 Granite Audio 860.1 tube mono blocks for front left and right and center -- bi wired to the top end of osborn eclipse speakers and an osborn c-3 and a sunfire cinema grand 5 channel for the front right and left and center biwired to the bottom end of the above speakers and the last 2 channels of the sunfire to the 2 rear Osborn F-2's ... and we are using a sunfire theater grand 11 with a sunfite true sub 11 --- in our home theater demo room --- it is a trully a wonderful sound ...and we also use it in two channel.........

i have a sonic frontier sfl2 preamp and micrex monos tube amps left and right channels. i added a hk integrated for center channel and rears. a krell kst 100 strapped to the sub . tubes give me more detail and info in my theater. i had the dts nbc,abc thx surrond stuff but it was not as real.
Have Aranov tubes for front L/R and Marantz 14EX for rears, centre and EX. I then added a REL sub to the fromn channels only to help the tubes out a bit and it made a big differnce, more so for music, where my Velodyne 18HGS is too much of a monster and lacke sthe refinement of the Rel.

I run 2 and 6 channel DVD-A, SACD and Redbook through all of this and it works, except that I need the new Sony TAP9000ES as a secound pass-through pre to make it all work without switching cables in the back.

It all works and gives me a separate two channel system of good quality, but I have one concern. The HT is also a TV and games consule for my kids, and as such, is my amps are on about 15 hours a day. That's jsut fine for SS, but for Aranov monos it could mean re-tubing the KT-88s yearly, which is expensive.