tube amps?

What is jadis tube DEFY 7 like compare to the cary audio Cad 120s other then the large price tag. I found a used jadis tube amp and preamp for $4200 all together. have heard a little bit about jadis tube amps can some one tell me more? Also what is there reliability and performance and quality compared to cary? Preferably the cary 120s.
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Take a look at the Quicksilver line,you can get Amp and preamp new for that amount of cash!
quicksilver is winner
This is a good read !
I would but there is no quick silver dealer in My part of Canada! Thats why I am looking at these two. And wondering about the Jadis since have not heard anyone owning one. Also what are their experiences are with the jadias product.
You can buy direct from Quicksilver like I did. Mike will take returns if you do not like them. Give him a call.
Quicksilver IS a winner. I just heard some of their products quite recently and was very impressed. It is a mystery why there is so little buzz. At the price offerings you should definitely check out this line.
reliability of quicksilver amps so strong that all you need is to purchase it and use it for long long years.
Listening to my (new) all QS system now...sounding oh so sweet.
+1 for Quicksilver. I have the mid-monos. Where in Canada are you? I am in Montreal an purchased my amps at Codell Audio.
There are a number of great options at that budget. I think Quicksilver may have been mentioned earlier in this thread. Rogue is another brand worth considering, as is Primaluna. But speaker amps thing is really huge. What speakers are you using? And matching for your personal preferences is also key. What makes you want tubes? Do you want a more classic or modern tube sound? What trade offs are and aren't you willing to make by going tube? What aspects of music are most important to you and what types of music do you listen to mostly?