Tube Amplifiers: Carver Crimson 75 wpc or Primaluna Monoblocks

Looking for modestly powered tube amp to power high sensitivity speakers (> 92 db) in a new 12 × 16 foot listening room upstairs.  I have Canary 140 wpc monoblocks in my basement reference system and love them.  However, as I get older and tire of trying to lug around PassLabs 100 pound amps, I am setting up a low weight system.  The amps need to fit the following: 1) less than 50 pounds, 2) economical like under 5K, 3) at least 60 wpc, and 4) a recognized  extreme value piece of kit.  

I spoke with Don Sachs and he is semi-retiring or something along those lines.  He is not regularly building his amps/preamps anymore.  I did get on his waiting list with no real guarantees.

I appreciate your thoughts on the two amps I inquired about and any others that I did not. 
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Carver by a country mile.   Enjoy. 
Wish I was able to have a decision like that :)

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Thanks Tvad! I checked out Aric Audio's website and like his product design and price structure. 
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Likely speakers: Decware Turningpoint HR-1, Decware DNA, Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire, or possibly Tekton Open Baffle speakers.
Decide upon the speakers first and then the amplifier.

Also, what preamplifier is in the mix, or could you possibly be happy with an integrated?

In such a small room you might be fine with 20 (or so) GOOD tube watts, which would increase your choices considerably.

I hear you about the weight as I'm still hurting from transferring Six 20 pound bags of kitty litter up a flight of stairs (from the car trunk) a few days ago.


In such a small room you might be fine with 20 (or so) GOOD tube watts, which would increase your choices considerably.

If you have the coin, consider the Carver crimson 350s’
  at some point, you will want to upgrade, having 350 tube watts at your disposal/ready is something to consider!

  I saved, and researched for a long time, bought A Carver sunfire 600.
 Do I need 1200W at 4 ohms? Nope, is it effortless, and amazing,...YES!!

ALWAYS better to have something superior in the stable.    
I cant give you much of any recommendation but oh boy can I relate to your comment. I recently moved to a new house and I don’t trust the movers to move my stereo stuff. I should have let the movers move my stereo stuff. I’m way older and way fatter than I used to be.

BTW I have a primaluna dialogue premium hp amp (single amp not monos) with kt150s and love it.
Can't locate/Google it now but saw a Don Sachs refurbished Harmon Kardon Citation II for sale recently.

However, from experience, the little thing comes in at way over 50 pounds.

A Music Reference RM-9 Mk.2 if you are patient enough to wait for one to become available (less than a thousand were made). 125w/ch, EL34 tube life 10,000 hours (four tubes per channel), around $2,000 used. Or the RM-200 MK. 2, about the same power but with a ss input stage and KT-88 or 6550 output tubes (two per channel), around $3,000. The RM-200 is Michael Fremer’s "budget" tube power amp reference, continuously on Stereophile’s Recommended Component List (in Class A) since first reviewed many years ago.