Tube amplifier (with remote!) for Quad ESLs

I want to buy a tube amplifier to use with my Quad ESL2805s. I’m currently using a Quad II Integrated Classic, which sounds great, but I need a remote as I have a bad back and complaining neighbours. 
Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone heard the Luxman LX380 or CL38UC pre?
I've got a pair of 2805s and use a Primaluna Dialogue HP.  I can easily get 90+ db peaks with no sign of strain using the stock EL34 tubes.  I also have a set of KT150s which are even better. 

Once a friend came over who also has Quads, listened to mine and asked if the subwoofer was connected.  I said no.  He simply said, "wow."  (I used the sub for movies only.
I'd give the Primaluna a ponder.  It makes the Quads just sing!
Thanks for the post. 
I've heard good things about Primaluna and one of their amps is on Stereophile's 'Products of the Year 2018' list. I think they are Dutch design/built in China: have you had any problems and does the remote work properly? I had a Copland amp (Danish design/built in China) that kept developing faults - with eyewatering repair bills - and had a temperamental remote. 
How are the mids with the Primaluna?

As you know the Quads are mid range giants; so is the EL34 tube.  The Primaluna is wonderfully controlled amplifier.  The soundstage is excellent and jazz trios, quartets, etc. sound like they are supposed to.  And vocals, off the freaking charts!
I've had zero problems in three years and I listen about 800 hours per year.  The remote is solid and works perfectly.
- Bob
This sounds ideal - I’m definitely going to check them out. Thank you again. 
I have Quad ESL 57's rebuilt recently by Quads Unlimited. I am driving them with a pair of Air Tight ATM 211 mono blocks. The 211 tubes put out about 22 watts/ channel SET. Great combo.
I’ve not come across Air Tight, so I’ll check out the monoblocks. 
Thank you. What pre are you using?
Looks good!
I’m  in the UK and not sure about availability here. I’ll find out. 
Thanks for the link.