Tube Amplifier with Good Imaging and Soundstage for Tyler Acoustics

Hi All,

Boredom was setting in with my Thiel CS 5 speakers. I purchased some new Tyler Acoustics MMX5's built as floor standers, based on wanting made in America and having read a lot of good comments about Tyler.

I have about 50 hours on them with a Coda CS amp and they are still opening up. Initial impressions are that the SEAS drivers are softer and less forward than the Thiel drivers. Detail and bass are getting better with generally a more mellow sound. I think the cabinetry is well done and looks better in person than in pictures.

One of the reasons to try Tylers was that they are an 8 ohm speaker with 88 dbl efficiency and should be easier to drive than the Thiels with their 2 ohm bass load.

With that in mind, I am thinking about tube amplifiers and wondered if anyone can share their experiences with tube amps and Tylers or newbie advice about tube amps in general.

I would like to try something that images well with a good, deep soundstage. They would be mated with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium or Conrad Johnson 17LS2 preamp.

Budget is maybe $2,000 to $3,000 used.

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Try some Cayin integrated., has to be the Cayin KT88 4 or 8 tube integrateds. Not their smaller amps. 

primaluna dialogue amp or integrated
arc ca50 or vt50 if you can find one
suitable cary push pull amp there are various

manley quicksilver or rogue are all well reputed, i have not heard them at length personally

Did you mean the MM5X? 

You might be able to find a set of used Atma-Sphere M-60 amplifiers in that price range.
Music Reference RM9 mk2, low feedback ( gain ) is imaging champ ! Try running your speakers on the 4 ohm tap
The M60 Ralph mentions are stellar also, iF the load isn’t as benign as advertised you could add an autoformer
And a CJ Classic 60 used is probably in your budget
I am interested in Atma-sphere, having read a lot of good things about  Ralph's products.

My concern is that they might not be the best match with an 8 ohm 88dbl speaker that dips to 6 ohms on occasion, Any thoughts about that?

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The most popular speaker used with the M-60 amplifier for many years was the Merlin VSM. It too was 8ohms, dipping to 6 with a rated sensitivity of 89dB.

So the total power is really the issue- is 60 watts enough in your room?
Hi atmasphere,

My room is 15 foot wide and about 30 feet long with nine foot ceilings.

Due to room logistics, the speakers are about two feet from the front wall and then ten feet to the listening position. That is to say, about half the room is behind the listening position.

I can make my ears bleed with the Coda CS amp I am currently using so I know I do not need 300 watts. I am interested in texture, timbre, imaging, and sound stage; and probably listen at between 85 to 90 decibels at the listening position.

Tyler recommends about 100 watts for my particular speaker model. 
However, I read a lot of comments that tube watts sound louder than solid state watts so I am searching. I would rather buy quality at 75 watts if it would work, rather than spend for 100 watts that I might not need.

Thanks for listening,

Atmasphere,QuickSilver,Aric Audio are all excellent brands to consider.
what you need then is high current and not bother to much with watts.25 plus watts could be enough or borderline but for tubes i wouldnt bother more than 40 if its high current.