Tube amplifier upgrade suggestions welcome.

I currently have a Musical Fidelity m2si and some Tekton Lore speakers and would like to buy a power amplifier to upgrade my system.  I'd like to keep the m2si in the system as a preamp.  I'd like more clarity, bass, and dynamics in my setup.  I have up to $2K to spend and thought I'd try out a tube amp since my speakers are supposed to be very tube-friendly.

I have considered something like a Parasound A23+ or Rotel 1582 amplifier -- what are the equivalent tube amplifiers to these?  I'm in an 11' x 12' room with horrible acoustics but I've treated it with 8 GIK 244 bass traps and have added an SVS-SB1000 to fill in the low end which helped a ton.  How should I proceed from here?
i'll just wait for mc to answer...
why ? he knows one answer, at best.
try any number of excellent tube amps by companies with long track records and support: Rogue, Quicksilver, Conrad Johnson, ARC, VTL, Decware, Bottlehead, VanAlstine.......the list is long, i would start w Quicksilver....
The Lore specs from the website:
  • 98dB 1W@1m
  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • 30Hz-30kHz frequency response
So, let's say in the real world these speakers have 94dB sensitivity. You won't need a powerful amp to drive these, especially in that small room. You may have a larger room someday so a tube amp with a minimum of 25wpc will do.
You could start by looking through the Audiogon classifieds for a lightly used amp. With a $2000 budget you'll find a larger selection if you go used.