Tube amplifier suggestion for 101 dB speakers

Hello All,

I've been using the Tyler Acoustics PD30s with Classé Sigma solid state preamp and amp combination.
These speakers have two 15" woofers and a horn tweeter, 4 ohm, sensitivity 101 dB.
The above combination is not the best, especially for complex rock music, the highs start to distort, they are harsh, just bad. Never had tube gears, but after reading a bit, these speakers apparently scream for tubes. Actually somebody brought over a hobbyist-made tube amp and yes, the speakers were tamed.
I'm willing to switch to a tube amp but prefer to keep the ss preamp.
Can anybody recommend a few good tube amp matches here, for a max of 3K new or used. Room is just a good medium size. I want something that I can keep for many years if possible and being somehow flexible to tube rolling.

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Bob Carver Crimson 275. 

Satisfaction guaranty. No re-stocking fee if you don't love it!  Jim Clark Stereo. Free shipping to you.
 Endless system combinations, room effects and personal taste make decisions difficult.

JCS made this offer since the Crimson 275 was introduced, and lets customers compare with their exiting amplifier. No restocking fee to cost you money. May the best amp win, in your system, in your home.

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