Tube Amplifier & Speaker Matching?

I am planning to put an attractive stereo in a formal living room and glowing tubes looks very romantic with nice music. What are good combo of amp and speaker are recommended out there, specially with low wattage 300B types.
Not sure what your budget is but I just put together this bedroom system.

Antique Sound Lab Orchid 2A3 integrated (3.5w/ch)
Coincident Triumph UHS (94 dB, 6-8 Ohm)
Cal Audio Sigma II DAC
Marantz changer (from 10 years ago)

Excellent clarity in voice production. Not much bass control, but quite sufficient for the bedroom.

For a larger budget, you can go with Cary 300B-SEI, Audio Silver Knight and a horn based system like a pair of restored antique Klipsch Horn. I am not a big fan of horn speakers myself but no harm testing. I am also not a big fan of single dynamic driver speakers. The top end is just too rolled off for me.

If you want decent bass with 300B, you also add a sub. Use a low level cross-over in the tape loop to remove bass from the amp and send directly to sub.

Look for speakers with high impedance (>8Ohm avg with 6Ohm min) and good efficiency. (92dB min). Coincident, Reference 3A are two excellent starting point. Also check out AudioAsylum's SET and high efficient speaker forums. A lot of useful information, but the posters tend to love horn speakers.

Thanks Eric for a quick response, I will start listing speakers with high efficiency rating which may be tedious. I will be actually considering monitor types only for more optional placements. Alas, most of the carried brands locally that sounds great are of 89dB (B&W, Totems, Focus audio)or less that requires more wattage. Anybody has heard the new Paradigm S2 monitor? It is fairly new and tnere is not much on the web on it. Speaker & Integrated tube Amp budget is from U$3K-4K.
What is your price range for the amp, and the speakers?
If you can only get 89 dB or so, I would stick with amp power >30 w/ch.

Also, if you are going with a bookshelves, it might be better to go with one with very little bass. Trying to get any decent bass out of speakers tend to make them difficult to drive for SET amp.

I would pretty much rule out B&W for low powered SET. EPOS and ProAc would be a better brand to go with mid-powered SET. (10-20w/ch) SET compatible speakers are not that common in my area as well. I ended up just with going by other people recommendatation and purchased over the net.

It is really more harder to audition Tube than solid state, in terms of quantity. I work close by the manufacturer of coincident speakers and they also carry in their name some chinese oem tube amps. It is a pity that they dont have dealers here in the Toronto area where they are located rather they sell direct thru internet. I contacted them for an audition but want me to commit in buying before they will set up an appointment. Until I can see matching set up to listen to, It will be internet browsing and forums for a while. Shall I just go for cheaper entry level system and trust what is written? Jolida, Cayin, Sophia, Cary claims good performance. Buying thru internet or audiogon ads burned me once for shipping, border taxes and the worst is the brokerage fee of parcel services. Going to coincident, I trust will not be a mistake. It might be just by chance that locally there is a matched unit out there. Esthetics also play a factor because of the living room entertainment.
If you relatively close to Coincident speakers, I would definitely try them out first. They are fairly neutral sounding speakers. The speaker also has excellent finish as well. Note that you will need a very good speaker stand for bookshelve speaker. This is especially important for SET amp because the bass tend to be softer/less focus to begin with. A sold stand really helps out in this regard. I use a pair of Studio Tech SC-24 with Coincident Triumph UHS.

Going across border is definitely tougher. I hate dealing with duty and custom and etc.

For entry level tube stuff, I would suggest Antique Sound Lab. They have a lot of different offering for different taste. Build quality is quite good for the money and I think they also have a large presence in Canada as well.

I had a Cary 300B-SEI about 6 years ago. Great headphone amp. I did not have the right speakers for them at the time so I ended up selling them. Too much money for a headphone amp.

Heard a few older Jolida penta design before. Not really impressed. I think there is better stuff out there for the same money.

I have contacted Underwood HI-FI and they have their modification done here in Ontario. If I go with their Modded Jolida, the good thing is they will drop shipping and pick-up is possible at parts connexion. Antique Sound Lab is also located here with a list of dealers sent to me.Coincident speakers are also weighing in the equation. I have to compare the Coincident Triumph UHS with the new Paradigm S2 signature monitor. I will of course listen to these speakers hook up to SETs. Integrated Amp with an upsampling CD and the monitors selected will definitely my focus now. Thanks for your kind inputs.
One last thing about speakers, if driver/cross over is similar in design, the larger speakers will always be easier to drive because it will not need more ower to produce the same bass note.

If possible, try out the larger speakers from the same company/design line.