Tube amplifier match for Totem Mani-2

I am seeking to change to a tubed amplifier; however, I am concerned that the Totem Mani-2's impedance curve will make amplifier matching particularly crucial for success. (My speakers are about 8 years old, and were upgraded to Signature status in 1997.)

I am hoping to benefit from someone who has experience with this, as I narrow the field of choices.

I was considering a VTL amplifier because they have generally good reputations for bass control for a tube amplifier, and there are several affordable higher powered models available used.

I am wonder ing if the Deluxe 140 Mono's would work well (807 tubes), or the deluxe 225 Mono's (EL34 tubes)?

Any insights or alternative suggestions would be most appreciated!

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The VTL's ought to work well. I had Mani-2's which sounded great with solid state amplification. I tried some Cary SE 300's with the Mani-2's.....and the sound was fantastic. Small room, not real loud. The experience with the Cary's led me to find more efficient loudspeakers and get rid of the Mani's. Maybe I should have kept the Mani's....they were a great speaker.