Tube Amplifier for Maggies

I am thinking about buying Magneplanar MMG's and matching them with a tube amp. I can get a nice Antique Sound Labs Ki22 FOX, which has 22 wpc. I am listening mostly to classical music and Jazz in an average sized room at moderate levels. However, I like to listen to big symphonies, which require quite a bit of power from the amplifier. Any thoughts on whether this combination would work?

I vote no, it will not work. I had Rogue Magnum 120 power amps and could get moderate levels in my 13 x 22 x 8 room, not much more volume than that and I thought it lacked dynamics.
tubes and maggies is like........into the wind
I get high SPLs with my 90wpc tube quicksilvers and maggie 0.5/qrs in my soon to be vacated 11x15x8 room. Also got good SPLs with magnepan mg-1.6/qrs and acoustat model 3s before that. And I listen to heavy metal and full orchestral. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Maybe you don't have enough linestage gain or something?

If you keep the average SPLs under 72 or 75 you might be OK with 22watts. 50 or so would give you more breathing room. It depends on how loud you listen to music. full symphony at 85dB sPL? probably need 100 watts of tubes for that.
Have been running a Golden tube SE-40 and Classe CP-35 pre with MMGs in a 12x16 room for five years with no problem reaching very high sound levels, although I usually listen at moderate sound levels. The SE-40 is rated at 40 wpc but is said to be more like 30 wpc. You might want to ask over on the planar asylum and see if anyone is using the ASL. I much prefer tube amps over SS with the MMGs.
I tried 17 watt triodes with Maggie 10.1's and got nowhere! The sound simply broke up at even moderate volumes. I would suggest no less than 90 watts just to get by with maggies. Even then, minor amounts of bass will rob all the power.
Give Terry/Steve a call:216-521-0900 {Western Reserve Audio Design}.They will allow you to audition Their amp,formly the Innersound iTube amp.They offer a money back policy.It was compared to the CJ 140s and it bested them.Give it a shot.
You might also consider getting a set of ZEROs for whatever amplifier you get. Most tube amplifiers have difficulties with four ohms, owing to difficulties in the output transformer. The ZERO eliminates this issue. Maggies need more then 17 or 22 watts, but I have seen many people get by quite nicely with 80 watts.
Maggies will make your 22 watt amp sound its best. But, 22 watts will not begin to make the Maggies "sing". I have gradually increased the power of the amps I use with MG1.6, and at 600 wpc, (for biamp 80 Hz and up) I think that (finally) no further increase is worthwhile.
People are funny.

Maggies + tubes = MAGIC

I would question whether the ASL would have enough juice at only 22wpc, but I used a 50wpc ASL amp (4 X 6550s) and it was fantastic.

I also used an Audio Research D-115MK2 with my Magnepan 1.6QRs and it was probably one of the best-sounding systems I've EVER heard.

Magnepans are a straight 4-ohm resistive load, so as long as your tube amp of choice provides plenty of voltage and has relatively beefy transformers, you'll be fine.

What's your price range?
BTW I did have the Zero autoformoers and they are very nice and help a lot and fun to play with, but I still decided to go with a Plinius SA100 MKIII solid state amp.
I've heard the Music Reference RM-200 sound wonderful with the 1.6s and 3.6s. It is a hybrid unit featuring a solid-state input stage, and a pure tube output stage. Unlike most tube amps, it functions well with low impedance loads. It is also attractive, built like a tank, and doesn't eat tubes like other designs.
Of course it would cost $200000.
an ARC D-115 MkII and almost any speakers would sound good
The Quicksilver monos work very well {not the 8417 output model}.
My set-up is Magnepan 1.6QR, GTA SE-40 amp, Xindak Marantz 7 preamp, Oppo BDP-105 source.

You will never want for power! Thunderous bass, very dynamic, can be played very loud and clear.
The d-115 is thought to be insufficient for the 3 series and 20 series. I used ARC VM220s and vtl MB-450 and mb300 and I'm satisfied, I believe this is sufficient for my 20.1 and it was fine for my 3.6s.