tube amplifier for classical music,large orchestr.


I'm thinking about buying tube amplifier. I would like to ask you for advice to select the appropriate tube amplifier for high quality and realistic listening classical music (mainly large orchestras, symphonies, concerts, ... 19 and 20 century), price in 6 000 USD. The amplifier must have good dynamics and good bass, this is important for listening large orchestras.

I would like to ask:
- is more suitable single ended or push-pull?
- is more suitable amplifier with tubes 300B or 845, eventually which other tubes ?

Yet seem to me suitable Opera Consonance Reference 5.5 or Antique Sound Leyla or JJ322, of course I like to get recommendations. I prefer the dynamic and natural sound with the good space, resolution, micro dynamics, fidelity ... I listen mostly classical orchestral music from LPs (large orchestras).

Now I have Electrocompaniet ECI 2, which is very good. I am afraid that the dynamics and bass by tube amp will be smaller and weaker than has ECI 2, am I right ? Speakers I have 2.5 band with 65 liter bass reflex, made according the project to Zaph|Audio - ZRT - Revelator Tower. Sensitivity have approx. 90 db impedance is 4 ohms . I have upgraded turntable Lenco L75 + arm Jelco SA-750D + Shelter 90X cartridge.
I have a smaller room.

I read a lot of tests, but the personal opinions is important to me.

Thank you for your recommendations and comments, best regards

Well maybe someone may have a different opinion since I haven't heard ALL the SET amplifiers out there but of the one's I have heard over the years, going up to 50 watts, I have yet to hear one convincingly reproduce large scale orchestral music, excepting perhaps the Lamm's which DO bass very well but are quite expensive and out of your price range. What SETs do well they do VERY well but IME they have limitations for your music of choice. I would think at your budget point you would be generally better off with a PP tube amplifier for this type of music along with some of the OTL and SS offerings. Audition with your speakers would be mandatory if going with a tube amplifier. They all behave differently with different loads. The EE's on this site may be able to better answer specific questions relative to YOUR speaker and a specific amplifier and how the two might behave together. Works and ideally suited are not the same and IMHO the most important constant of a system is the interaction of the amplifier and speakers.
Take a look and hear the Cayin/VAS line. Great sound, great value. Been at this for over fifty years, had Marantz, McI and never have I 'heard' better sound then the Cayin/VAS. You will not be disappointed.
If I had $6000 to spend on tube amps, I'd run-don't-walk over to Quicksilver.