Tube amplification for Lipinski 505's?

I have a Plinius 8200 mkII that I have enjoyed with these Lipinski 505's. It's been great, but it's still solid state. I want to get a tube integrated without spending more than $2000 used. A safe bet would be to get a push-pull 40+ watt like Rogue Cronus or similar (which I have heard, and is very decent with the 505's). But I am curious if lower power integrateds might do well, or perhaps better. While the 505's are rated at a sensitivity of 93, they are 4 ohm. Before I bought the 505's I thought I would need significant power to drive them, being 4 ohms. But to my surprise, they seem very efficient. It's an easier load on the Plinius than my Devore gibbon 8's were, whose rated sensitivity is 88 at 8 ohms. I barely crank the volume up on my system, usually between 7-8 o'clock on the dial; 9 o'clock at most. Also the system is used in a small room (11'x11'). So I am thinking I may be able to take advantage of some of the lower power offerings. I am wondering what others have used with their Lipinki's with good results. And, of course if anybody has experimented with some lower power integrateds, like the Leben cx-300 (12 watts?), vintage tube integrateds, or even SET amps.

Thoren's 145II turntable, and Scott LT-112B tuner are the sources.
Why not try a Cary SLI 80? No worries about power, and it has the rich tube sonics Cary is famous for. It's also a good looking amp. There is one advertised now for 1400.00.
you have a great system period. the plinius is an 'exceptional' product. even if it were twice the price. i love the cronus and the cary, but this is just going for something different. many upgrades just wind up being more than that, and you're out a grand.
Solid state is not a bad thing. The NOS tube bug is a bad thing. It will happen if you buy a tube amplifier, especially one that rolls tubes easily, like a Cary or a Rogue.

I'd keep the Plinius and be happy. It's a fine amplifier. However, if the tube bug persists, try a Sophia, the one that uses EL34s. It's inexpensive; it resells quickly; it sounds great (find one with upgraded caps); and it has power enough (30 watts?) to discover if you like tubes for the long haul.
Why would you want to change to tubes?
It's not on principle, that I prefer tubes. It's a taste thing. I suppose after many years as a guitarist playing through tube equipment, I developed that taste. I just like that tube presence. And now, on every occasion when I have had the opportunity to hear a tube based system, it always stands out as something special. I thought I'd try the Plinius 3 years ago. I like it. Best solid-state experience I've had. But, since I am a musician, and since I've invested a considerable amount in audio, I figure I might as well get the most out of it. If I sell the Plinius, it wouldn't cost me much to buy another integrated. Who knows, maybe a new cartrigde too! Thanks guys, for your comments. It is a good system.
PrimaLuna PL-2.Great sound and the upgrade of the driver tubes won't run more than $100/4.This is an impressive unit for $800-900.
Thanks. Keep them comin'.
I have an EAR 859 integrated that I plan to sell. It is a good 13wps SET.
That's one that I've been reading about. Apparently, some have used the 859 with not exactly easy to drive speakers. Drop me an email if/or when you decide to sel]. It might be a consideration if I can swing it. That must have plently of drive with your speakers.
Any Lipinski owners out there?