tube amping center channel

has anyone try a tube amp on there center channel,for ht.if so how do like it.thank you
I use a VAS/Cayin mono tube amp unit on my center channel. The feed comes from a Cayin tube pre-amp with a center channel output for phono play and a Sony center channel out pre processor for SACD's. Also, all the amps in the system are Cayin tubes. Great sound, especially the phono materials. The trick on the center channel is to get the balance correct. Takes time but is worth the effort.
I use a sonic frontiers power 1 @ 50 watt/ch to power a pair of infinity prelude mts's as center channel (flanking a projection screen) Blends much better with all tube main system than a solid state amp did. I like double center speakers, as "larger" mono image in center blends with large front stereo image of L/R Main speakers. Use one intermezzo powered sub with center towers below 80hz.