Tube Amp with tone controls for Heresy IV's

Hi, Looking for a tube amp with tone controls (personal preference) that will primarily be used with Heresy IV's.
Looking for something around 3k. Medium sized open concept room. Streaming blues, jazz, female vocals via a Cambridge Audio 851N, vinyl, SACD / CD's. Vincent phono pre-amp. I have only found a Luxman SQ-N100 so far. 
I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

just use a schiit loki coupled with any tube amp you want

easier and more straightforward than finding the unicorn modern day tube amp w tone controls... there is a reason you are having trouble finding them...
leben cs 300, cs600 has 3 steps bass boost control
Not just finding them but for 3K or <  that sounds good too. I don't know of any integrated valve amps.. Sansui maybe, if you can find a good one to rebuild..

I'd say it's going to be an older unit, if at all, for me anyways.
New, not gonna happen, used if it's older an probably rebuilt, for my taste.

Separates, no problem.. ANY older tube Mac pre any older Mac valve amp.. They will work.. Actually made for Klipsch, JBL, Jensen and Altec.
BUT you gotta have GOOD tone control.. Not just tone control.. I like Macs, loudness, bass contour AND tone control.. all of those features (C20) make a Mac very versatile.. Takes a lot of the "tube rolling" crap out of the mix too..

"Basie" by Erhard-Audio $2495

Tone controls with tone defeat too. 
A buddy has the same unit in preamp form with tone controls. He's used this setup with Klipsch Hersey III and his new Klipsch Hersey IVs.  Even with his tube R2R Ladder DAC, says the tone controls can be necessary when listening to less favorable recordings on streaming. -2 on treble some times to reduce digital grain and make it more listenable.