Tube Amp with Thiel speakers

Does anyone know if a ARC VT50 or VT60 tube amp would match well with a pair of Thiel 1.5 speakers? I am interested in the VT50 amp, but I am concerned that it may not have enough power for the speakers [86db]. Has anyone ever had a match like this, or an opinion as to wheather or not this would work?
I'm using a VAC Vintage Williamson @ 35 w to drive my 1.5's and it works fine & sounds great. I'm in a small room that's well suited to the 1.5s and I have all the volume I could ever want. Go for it!
I am using an AR D-130 with a pair of Thiel 1.5's, and while you are inquiring about tubes the power, is similar and I have more than enough power in a small room.
Using CJ Premier 11a with Thiel 1.5s & sound to me is great. Purchased Velodyne H12 Subwoofer which adds bass when needed. BUT thiels for small size gets good bass. Love thyses speakers.
VAC is the way to go with the Thiels, no question.