Tube amp with PSB Platinum T8?

I recently purchased a pair of Platinum T8's and was wondering if anybody has any experience with using a tube amp with these speakers? I'm currently using a Bryston 4bst and Cary slp98 which does sound good but I miss having a tube amp. This weekend I hooked up a pair of Heath W5's and they actually sounded pretty good with these speakers (though I was missing some of the punch in the bottom end). Don't know if it matters but, I listen to most everything and have a 13'x21' room.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Per the PSB website, here's the specs:
(1w (2.83V) @ 1m,
IEC-filtered Pink Noise,
Anechoic Chamber 88 dB SPL
Typical Listening Room 90 dB SPL
Nominal 4 Ohms
Minimum 4 Ohms
The one and only time I listened to these speakes. They were hooked to an all Audio Research system. All equipment CD player,Preamp and Amplifier were all tubes through out. It didn't sound sluggish or slow with the tubed amplifier. Audio Research tubed amplifiers might be worth checking out.

Another amplifier that might work well is the Music Reference RM9 MK2 tubed amplifier. These are some serious work horse amplifiers with the bass of SS.

Good luck

I am crurrently thinking about buying a set of PSB T8's myself-----.But I cant hear them before buying.

May I ask if your trided Paradigm sig's before you bought.ANy thoughts???

Have you tried the B&W ??????

Any insight to how you would compare these speakers .

I listened to the new B&W 803 diamond dome tweeter speakers. I didn't think they were all that great, especialy for the price. I also listened to Martin Logan's Summit and Vantage. They were nice but not what I wanted. I didn't listen to the Paradigm. I would have like to compare the two.

There are some really great deals on the T8's if you look around. They replaced my Totem Mani II's and I really like them in comparision.

BTW, I'm decided on a Cary V12i for a power amp. It has no problems driving the speakers.
Just wondering if you Bought the Cary v12 yet?? and how does it sound with the T8's?? I have a Cary v12R with PSB Stratus It sound Magical...