Tube amp with built in DAC

Anyone have suggestions for tube amp with a built in DAC? I'm looking for something with small footprint to be used in a office/small livingroom type set up. I've read about the Glow Amp One but I'm not convinced and would prefer something with 2 inputs in addtion to the USB. I'm looking to spend < $1,000. Oh and I know about the Peachtree gear so any other recommendations would be appreciated.
The Glow Amp is one of the best sounding amps for money I have ever heard. Since it is single end there is very little feedback. Just enought to solidify the bass. I am using it with a pair for Silverline SR 11's. They are not the most efficient speakers in the world but more importantly they have a very simple crossover so the impedence curve is nice and steady. I love the el84 power tube. I just picked it up used to see what all the hype was about and I will probably keep it forever.
Audio Space make the Mini Galaxy, an EL84-based amp with an outboard power supply, a built-in DAC and a small footprint. Output power is 12 watts.
Peachtree Nova or the older Decco unit. Not exactly what you asked for; they are hybrid integrated amps (SS am, tube output stage on the pre section) but they are inexpensive, sound great (especially the Nova) and have very good integrated DACs.

I bought a Decco for one of my daughters, and I have recently purchased a Nova for my office. Both sound much better than I expected for the price.