Tube amp vs. speakers

Hi all,

Considering jumping into tubes from solid state. My question is whether tubes will meet the power hungry speakers I intend to use, an elderly but pristine pair of Mirage M-1s. They are rated at a sensitivity of 83db and nominal 6 ohms and are more power hungry than a pair of Dunlavy SC-Vs I recently sold. I tend to listen to jazz and blues at fairly demanding levels at times. Will a 35 watt or 50 watt tube amp meet these requirements? Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Why do you want to use a 50W tube amp? Which amp do you have in mind?
Probably not is the answer. Depends a lot on your room size but that's pretty low sensitivity. More impt that nominal impedence is minimum impedence. How big is the ss amp that you are using?
I've listened to the old M-1's and M-3's many times (nice speakers BTW)...they need "lots" of power, and sound their best when placed well away from the front wall, ie...4-5 ft. out.

I lived with a pair of M3si's for years which are about the same efficency as M1s. I owned and used several tube and solid state amps. Here is my experience.

Quicksilver m 60's monos were nice and smooth, but so underpowered that at "realistic" volume they gracefully overloaded causing loss of definition and dynamics.
VTL 185 tube monoblocks, better match than quicksilvers, but still not powerful enough
Music Reference RM 9 stereo amp, the only tube amp that drove the Mirages well

solid state
Classe DR3 class A stereo solid state 25 watts (really about 250) was an exellent match
Bel 50 watt class A stereo, 200 watts mono, two amps were perfect, but one was simply not enough power.
Conrad/Johnson 2300A stereo class a/b 250 watts very good match w plenty of power, the 2500A at 300 watts was even better
Forget the tube amp. Rather by a Ferrari to drive on a beach ...
I should change my audiogon to "audio research vT100mk2 or 3" because I think it is probably just enough for those speakers, and is more than reasonable used.
I don't have any particular tube amp in mind, though it seems a good number of them are in this power range. Solid state amps I have used with the Mirages were Krells (FPB200/350MCX). I recently sold a Pass 350 that I used with the Dunlavys. Trying to get away from the bank breaking equipment prchase and yes, I am aware that tubes are pricey as well.

Tahnks for the feedback.