Tube Amp vs Solid State Amp HELP

So I ordered a pair of Dali Zensor 1's. As of now I am using my friend's Jolida FX10 tube amp, which he has offered to sell to me. Should I purchase his tube amp or get a Cambridge Azur 351A? Only problem with the Jolida is that it's not very powerful; however, right now it's paired with his Klipsch speakers and it's plenty loud for my room/house. I don't have any reason to push it too much. Input would be much appreciated.

Is there a reason why you are stuck between those two particular amps??
Yeah…weird choices, and that FX10 is really only useful with very efficient speakers, although it's a nice inexpensive amp. As a tube aficionado I can easily recommend a higher powered Jolida integrated as they're fun, sound great, and you can't spend much on 'em as they're mostly a bargain.
The Stereophile measurements indicate a min of 5 ohms and low phase angles with a measured sensitivity of 88db for the Zensor 1.  They rated it as an easy load for the partnering amp.  I would definitely go for a tube amp.  Thirty to forty tube watts should be plenty.   
To hell with the measurements and the amp type.  You need to listen to the options in YOUR system and make the call yourself.  Worry less about the hardware and opinion of others and more about the music.

It is clear you are not married : )

Good plan

To clarify, my current set up is a Cambridge 551p phono preamp, Pro Ject debut 3, and the Dali Zensor 1's. Any suggestions for a good amp with that set up would be helpful. It will also help give an idea of my budget range. I'm going to try my friends tube amp to see if it sounds okay. If not I have to explore other options. Thanks for any input.
Also, I would like a tube amp if there is a decent one that's affordable. (I know affordable is a relative term)
If you want tubes I like Wolf's recommendation, check out Jolida. Otherwise I believe that SS options may be a better fit budget wise. What are you willing to spend on an integrated?