tube amp vol control vs. preamp

What are your experiences regarding bypassing a preamp and using tube amp volume controls? A distributor stated that by installing the mating preamp to my mono's with volume control that everything would be much, much better. I had a tubed preamp connected initially and had lots of noise. Dead quiet using amps only and sounds great as is with high eff speakers. Could it be that much better using matching preamp. Your experiences are greatly appreciated.
If your cd player has a volume control on it you can just plug it straight into the amp and see,Nick
It could go either way. I tend to prefer a modest amount of preamp gain, generally. Depending on the input impedence characteristics of your amplifier and the output impedence characteristics of the prospective preamp, as well as the quality and complimentary nature of the two, it is certainly possible that you would notice an improvement.

If the dealer is willing to make the sweeping claim that it will give an improvement then he should be willing to let you try the combination for yourself.

Absolutely try it if he offers a no strings audition.
When my belles 350a ref. sells, I may ask the preamp dealer for a no strings demo. The preamp is the tri trv 4se limited with phono. Not much info. available on the triode corp. products as they are new to the US but I sure love their SET monoblocs. I am also wanting to get into vinyl and the phono would allow this. I have no experience with vinyl though, since I was a kid so I am a little reluctant. Thanks.