Tube amp upgrade/repair in San Jose Bay Area

Looking for a reliable shop for upgrading/repair a tube amp? My soldering technique is really quite ugly.


Eric, I can highly recommend Scott Frankland who has a rpair shop in the area down off Alum Rock Road.Don't have his phone # in front of me but he has done great work for me on 3 amps. John
Nick Gowan in Campbell is who repaired two of my friends tube amps. True Sound is the name of the shop.

Give him a call at 408-370-7578

email =

website =
Do a search on Google for Bay Area High End Audio Repair As mentioned above, Scott is good however I'd recommend Nick Gowan at True Sounds as another choice. Nick is someone who could not only fix your amp but give you an idea of how to improve it - if need be.
I'd chime in on Nick who is extremely highly qualified. And while your there dropping off or picking up your amp, you might get a chance to listen to his incredible Audio Note system. Some of the best sound I've ever heard.
Thanks guys. I checked the True sound location. It's very closed to my house. I will definitely email him and found out.

I have met Scott a couple of times in Analog Room quite a few years ago. Very knowledgable person, but I have a feeling his upgrade might be a bit too expensive for me.

A call to Nick is absolutely the first call to make - and probably the last call you'll need.
Nick is very good. Alex Dondysh can also repair/upgrade equipment. He is a qualified electrical engineer and HD TV designer; he knows his stuff. He is in Foster City. Give him a call at

Alex also designs and sells custom made SET and push/pull tube amps that can run with any tube amp out there under the company name of 3 Dimension Audio. He is coming over to install a very nice 300b push/pull amp tomorrow.
Nick is great, never met Scott Franklin but his prior history would tell me he knows his stuff. ..

you mentioned cost is a factor, so I have used the Sound Well in Berkeley, they have a tech who is brilliant and has fixed several things for me. the best thing about him is that they have a fixed labor charge, usually between $90-$140, plus parts. He has fixed whatever i have sent to him, and each time it was less than $200.
"Alex Dondysh can also repair/upgrade equipment." I just called him, he indicated he doesn't do repair or upgrade.
Sorry; last time I chatted with Alex he was doing repairs and upgrades. Guess too busy with amplifier production.
Call Jeff @ Audible Arts (408 248-1196). He's off Winchester/280. He knows several authorized repair guys in the area for audio equipment. I'm picking my tube amp up today after a repair coincidentaly. I don't remember the guy he sent it to for the repair, but he is local.
Hello gentlemen 
My gear is located in Michigan so anywhere close by from Chicago to NYC would be great.
Does anyone here have suggestions in the area for such technicians please? Many thanks.