Tube Amp to play with my B&W 803D

Any recommendations for a Tube Amp to play around with for my B&W 803D
B&W speakers are not very tube friendly. I suggest you either change them out, or stick with SS. If you must switch I would keep it very high powered. Maybe a VTL 450. I tried a ARC amp once and the results were not even decent.
I've heard the Mcintosh 2301 tube monoblocks with the 802D speakers. I was not the biggest fan of B&W speakers, but this combo made me re-think that opinion. Very nice together.
I had an ARC tube amp on my 802D's and it just couldn't provide the needed current. Went to a Wyred4sound Class D amp and it made a huge difference... lots of power (current). Look at their 500W ICE modules, will do the job. I'm actually bi-amping with a 250W & 500W per speaker. Driving the amp with an ARC LS-26 which is a great combo.
I preferred VAC PA100 over Classe CA300 on my N802. A lot depends on what you value most in listening.
B&W can sound AMAZING with tubes. Try Conrad Johnson with B&W and you will not be disapointed.

I have had my Nautilus 804's powered by Conrad Johnson Premier 11's for a few years and it is a wonderful setup. If I was to do anything I would buy another 11 to have one for each channel.
I run 804S with a McIntosh MC275 and love it. The 275 definitely has no trouble driving the 804S. For the 803D, however, you might need/want MC275 running in mono, so 2xMC275, and short runs from amp to speaker would help even more.

I've heard 802D driven by $30k VTL monoblocks and $20k pre, and let me tell you...boy can tubes drive B&W!!!! Mayeb a little more expensive than you are looking at spending, though, but the point is tubes and B&W 800-series CAN sound VERY good. Just a matter of finding a good match.

Sorry I saw this post 2 weeks after you post it.

I have had great experience with tubes and B&W's. In fact I am running 800's with a pair of 150watt tube monoblocks with no problems. It is all about what you are after and tubes provide me a sense of musicality enjoyment that SS does not or has not up to this point, but I am not looking for anything different. Good luck