Tube amp to pair with Triangles?

Hello, I've owned a set of triangle zerius 202 for about a year now. I'm looking for a tube amp that will compliment it nicely, and take away some of that treble Triangles are known for. The listening room is small 12x14ft but has a bit of acoustic treatment. This would be my first tube amp and I need some guidance as to where to start. Music is mostly classic rock which I know the triangles aren't best for, but I am determined to find an amp that will make them work. Should I be looking at SET's too? The minimum impedance is 4ohms, nominal 8. I cannot find an impedance curve, my budget is around 1000-1500 used.
I used an ASL 1001DT (50w/ch KT88 push-pull design) with a pair of Antal XS and got truly stunning sound. I was amazed. If you haven't used tubes with your speakers before prepare to be blown away, there is a real synergy there IMHO. Classic rock will sound fantastic with Triangles driven by a good tube amp. Get some transparent cabling and make sure everything is well-isolated from vibrations. Oh and make sure your sources are up to snuff, too :)
a push/pull tube amp(at least 30 watts per channel) should work fine with the triangles......the combo of your speakers and an set amp would not make for a good combination for classic rock
I just wanted to point to another alternative... tubes are great, don't get me wrong. I have Antals 202, and also experienced a little too harsh treble-depending on recordings. All solid state gear, transport to DIP upsampler-to DAC. However, when I upgraded the front end to a single unit modded universal player... this brightness disapeared. These speakers are exceptionally revealing of what is fed to them..... and very sensitive to "digititus" and jitter. I have no idea what your source is, but I believe the quality or matching of the source can be more critical than the amp.
These are great speakers, good luck.
In your price range, the Prima Luna Prologue Two would do nicely ($1345 new). I have used this amp with high efficiency/single driver speakers (Omega Super 3) to conventional small monitors (NHT SB2) to large bookshelf/floorstanders (Acoustic Research 302) and the Prima Luna's makes the music sound textured, musical, and powerful. It was a real eye opener with the NHT's especially.

There have been close to a dozen magazine reviews in recent months on the Prima Luna.

Regards, Rich
I am currently using a Jadis Orchestra Reference in my wife's studio with Triangle Titus's on stands. Sound is excellent, though light in the bass. When I had the amp hooked up to HK-Sixty's, the bass was full bodied, yet suprizingly taut and detailed. In short, the Triangles, I believe will mate well with the Jadis. Your ears should do the deciding , however. Happy Listening.