Tube Amp to Pair with Duevel Planets?

Hoping that some kind soul can please help me. I'm trying to set up our home office to double as a small music room.

I have a pair of Duevel Planets on order, and would like to consider a tube-based integrated amplifier. The Planets are listed as 4 ohm, 85 Db sensitivity and 50 watts RMS. Please excuse my ignorance, but I've never had any tube based equipment.

My budget is just under 3k, and I am always open to well cared for, used equipment. There are lots of different integrated amps in Audiogon's sales corner, and I would like to seek your advice.

With these speakers, would the Ayon Spirit (2x50) have sufficient oomph to showcase the speakers? How much power is too little, or too much for these speakers.

My listening tastes vary from Joan Osbourne to Steely Dan to the White Stripes.

Any other recommendations or hints are greatly appreciated. I've ordered the book "Complete Guide to High-End Audio" to help me learn more about the basics.

Thanks in advance for your help!
I will vote for the Manley Stingray. I can't think of another integrated that would sound better with your speakers. I heard the Planets with the monoblock version of the Stingray (Mahi Mahi) and the sound was stunning. There was no shortage of power in a 13x15 room. The Manley is priced within your budget and is made in America as another plus.
I tried them with my Sophia Electric KT 88 and they sounded great. BTW Thye really liked tubes.
Good luck,