Tube Amp to go with Alon Speakers

I'm going to pick up some Alon speakers and am wondering about a good choice for a tube amp to power these. I'd like to spend 400-600 for a used amp. I've heard that these require a decent amount of power, say 100w/c, so any advice on that would be great.

I used to use a VTL ST-80 w/Alon IIs. A decent combo in the price range. Except for the Alon IVs, I don't think they need that much power. An integrated like the Manley stingray might be a good way to get better performance if you don't need a preamp or another set of ICs. This might still end up over budget.
If you could find a Quicksilver for the price, that would be good, too.
Cheers, Spencer
i disagree on the power requirements.... the older alons are very current least 100 wpc tube or 120 watts solid state..please note, must be high quality.

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