Tube amp to drive Tyler Decade D1's?

Anyone out there with experience driving the new Decade line from Tyler acoustics with a tube amp? I am currently using a very sweet DNA-125 and ALD-1 (both with Gold revisions) from McCormack, and they sound as good as anything I have heard from a transistor setup. I was thinking of changing it up with a tube amp or tubed integrated as well, and was curious if others had some success or failures they would like to share with me. The speakers are around 90db/W efficient (they do seem to play loud with the volume pretty low). They are rated at 8ohm, but with multiple drivers, I wouldn't be surprised if they required more current than an 8ohm load should. I have already tried a couple of tube amps on them:

1) Cayin A-88T: surprisingly powerful, not any more full than the DNA-125 though, and a bit of loss of detail and also a bit hazier sounding. A great deal and enough power for this setup if one was on a $1200 (used) budget; doesn't match the McCormack's performance though. A higher-end KT88 type amp may be the ticket (more power wouldn't hurt).

2) Atma-sphere M60 MK2.2: Not enough juice for my speakers. They sounded very rich, but a bit flat, and lacking bass. I know these amps are very highly regarded (the guy who got mine was over the moon with their performance) but OTL amps and the Decade D1 seem not to be a good match.

Unfortunately, tube amps are nearly impossible to take home for a demo from a shop, as they are very hard to find. Even the McIntosh dealer rarely has tube amps anymore.
There is a CJ Premier 140 listed for 3400.00 that should get the job done. No relation to the seller. I will also add that the VAC PA100 which I use, would also be a good choice if you could find one.
I have D2's arriving this weekend or early next week from Ty. I am currently selling a Mystere ia21 integrated (50 watts with KT88's) but am going to hold off on selling it until I have had a chance to try this amp with the D2's. D2's are 88 dB vs the 90 dB of the D1 (both 8 ohm loads). I did ask Ty about using this integrated with both the D2's and D1's and he thought they would do fine together. I'm a little skeptical about this combination as the Mystere is a very full sounding amp mated with a speaker that already has really good bass response, but anxious none the less to try it out (I don't want too much of a good thing). I will try the combination and report back, granted it won't be with the D1's but it may be of some use.
not tubed but my nuforce ref 9 se v3 amps with tubed audio horizons 2.1 + siemans early 60s ccas line stage makes my d1s disappear and thats a hard trick with tys 200lb monsters. a wall of sound you feel and music that flows fast and clean. YRMV
My response to the question is a bit different. I own the Signature Speakers from Ty. My setup is the Audio Horizons 2.1 fully tricked out and two Classe CA-150's with a Audio Research CD-3 MkII as the source. I am extremely pleased with the music. I enjoy Irish music, rock and classical. I suspect that the Decades will sound better. I would encourage you to try tubes in the preamp and solid state for amps. Hope this helps. Steve
I have been using the 50 watt Mystere integrated (KT88's) with the D2's for several days now and the sound is beautiful but I think the D2's really benefit from an amp that can take control of the woofers. I liked the Mystere on previous speakers because it created a very full and spacious sound on less than full range speakers. With the D2's being full range speakers they are already very full and spacious on their own so I feel like the 50 KT88 watts are really not letting the bass response of these speakers live up to their potential. Everything else is great though. I loved the Mystere with my previous Tyler Linbrook Monitors and I suspect tubes would do great with either the D3's or D4's.

My suggestion for D2's (and D1's as well but I have not heard them) would be either a more powerful tube amp than what I am using, something that can really grab hold of the woofers, or solid state. I have also been using ice amps and I absolutely love that combination with the D2's. With class D the woofers are in iron fisted control. It's really astonishing what deep, quality bass will do in regards to a 3-dimension, enveloping sound. Keep in mind it's not just about bass response either, even in the midrange and high end I prefer the ice amps over tubes with the D2's because of the clear, resolving, un-etched sound. With previous speakers I preferred tubes over class D. With D2's I prefer class D. I don't have a class A or AB amp on hand to experiment with and I'm sure there are plenty of great combinations in that arena as well. Keep in mind too these comments are based on 4 days of listening with fully broken in D2's. Hope this helps.
I've got the Linbrook Signature system and have tried a few different amps, including a Rogue Audio 90 watt tube amp.

The best match I've found so far was using a Pass Labs X150.5. This amp delivers the control and power I need plus some of the tube characteristics that I like.
What is your budget? I have Ty's D4's and using a Rogue Tempest II with good success. My last speaker was Ty's Linbrook Signatures and I had on loan for about 3 months a BAT VK55 tube amp mated with a VK5i. It didn't have the slam or quite the dynamics of a solid state amp but the bass was full and the mids and highs were wonderful. If you could swing a VK-75 or 75SE or maybe a 55SE it may be worth checking into. I know the D1's would benefit more power than a 55 but I do know the BAT tube amps are fantastic or at least I loved them. Another option which I would not hesitate to try would be Rogue monoblocks (150 or 180) or a Zeus tube amp. I like the Rogue sound and the customer support is fantastic as is BAT.
Budget is probably $3k for an integrated or amp (my preamp is pretty darn sweet). I had thought about the BAT, looked like one to possibly try.

Erndog-thanks for the note on the Pass 150.5. The Decade line is somewhat easier to drive, so I might be able to get away with tubes. If I am just chasing my tail, then I will get my McCormack upgraded again, with the higher-current transformer. That will really take control of the speakers.
Try the Rogue's IMO. You can also tube roll which makes it fun. They are not a ton of money and they always resell rather quickly. Plus I know and Ty knows Rogue sounds great with his speakers.
Thanks for the recommendations. I will see if I can get a M150 set to try. The Zeus looks like a bit of a project to, I don't know if my wife would be happy with our electric bill doubling!
I got a set of M150's into my system: wow! Throws a much deeper soundstage, bass is just as tight and goes deeper, piano is so much clearer and more realistic, and instruments seem better sorted out, although it is more transparent on smaller chamber music and jazz ensembles than on really complex pieces. And, well-recorded music sounds like a step up over poorly recorded music, while on the old amp, the differences weren't as obvious. This amp turned out to be a great pairing! This is better than I have ever heard these speakers sound on a transistor amp

A local seller has the Premier 140 though. Do you think that would sound even better than the M150's? I know retail on the Premier is nearly 2X of the Rogue, and typically, you get what you pay for, so I would assume it to be better. Any advice?
I would relax and enjoy the new amp upgrade. Glad to hear you are enjoying your system so much more.
I have never heard a CJ tube amp but if you wanted to upgrade further, go with the Rogue 180's. For the money I think Rogue is hard to beat. Not sure how long you have had the 150's but enjoy those for awhile and have fun tube rolling.
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