Tube amp suggestions for a Joule LA-200

I just purchased a Joule LA-200 which I'm sending off to have tuned and re-tubed. I am looking to set-up a secondary or back-up system and need to find a tube amp to mate with it. The system would need to drive Spendor 1/2e speakers (rated at 100 watts with 88db sensitivity) or a back-up pair of Spendor 3/1s (similar sensitivity rating as the 1/2s). I also have in my system a SOTA Nova TT with a Cary PH-301 tube phono stage and an Alesis ML9600 transport with an Audio Mirror D1 DAC.

The Joule requires an amp with 100k ohm input impedance. I prefer to get something with EL-34 output tubes, but am open to other suggestions (I am actually interested in the Canary CA-301 Mk II but not sure if 22 watts RMS is enough to drive the 1/2e speakers).

Any suggestions?
I neglected to say that the price range is around $2000, new or used. Thanks
aes sixpacs at 50 watts? they are $2400 new, but i think there's a used pair here on the 'gon (not mine). 6 el-34 per monoblock. not sure about the input impedance though. good luck.
If i were you i would buy a used sonic frontiers power 1 (55 watts/ch) and send it to chris johnson at for his SE+ mod. you will need to have someone around to pick up your jaw every time you take a listen. God's Truth!
I am running the Canary 301 with Joseph Audio Rm25si MkII's rated at 88db sensitivity and relatively benign impedance curve and it works well in a large listening room. Volume levels and bass control not an issue. The Canary is a very impressive amp and especially for the money!