Tube amp suggestions

I have a pair of B&W 805D with B&W AWS12 subwoofer, a VTL 2.5 Preamp, moon .5 CD player, Music Hall MMF 2.2LE turntable and Sonic Frontiers SFS-50 amp.
I like the amp but am considering upgrading the amp to another tube amp and wanted to get some input. I've got about $2000 to spend.

Just asking, you have a tube preamp, why not get a solid state amp with some balls?

I had B&W Silver Signatures for nine years. It seems to be a known thought that B&W speakers need power to fully open up.

I use a Spectron with my monitors but a lot of people don't think much of Class D amps. How about a Plinius, Pass, Threshold, etc. If you're not in a big hurry, I've seen older Plinius Class A amps come up for under $2000.00. I would think that an older Pass X150 would be in the same range. I also had a lot of success with an old Musical Fidelity A308cr power amp.

Just a thought.

Snag the VAC pa100 listed for 1500.00. That won't have any problems with 805d.
You might have some decent options with Rogue amps. I haven't heard that combo, but Rogue and Quicksilver are both good bang for your buck propositions in the tube world.