Tube Amp replacement

Hi all, I currently have a Sonic Frontiers SFS-50 with a VTL 2.5 and a pair of B&W 805D's.
I've had the amp for about a year and am considering replacing it. I have a budget of $1500 and wonder what would be a good replacement, or should I just keep repairing it?
Hi Maddog, I recommend giving serious consideration to solid state amplification. By both specs and reputation, B&W speakers are far from the ideal tube application.
Phaelon is correct- B&Ws are mostly not tube-friendly. If you like the tube sound, consider another speaker, one that is higher efficiency/higher impedance.
Not a fan of VTL. Suggest tube preamp with solid state amp i.e. Bryston or similar. Better current delivery.
You make us assume too much, although the comments about tubes and B&W's are good.

Why do you want to change amps? You refer to 'repairing it'. Are you blowing power tubes and having to have the resistors in the bias curcuit replaced too often? Some times folks use tubes that really won't work well in an amp even though they are of the same generic type recommended. Amp too warm or cold tone wise? Have you tried different power tubes? This can make a huge difference in tone, but won't help in the power department much.

Fill in the blanks.
If you like tubes get a Luxman Class A and you will thank me for life, i went trough your path, no regrets,
with the right speakers like harbeth, awesome sound.
I should have been a bit more specific, I'm going to end up spending about $400 to repair it, which is almost half of what I paid for it. At some point I have to decide whether to cut my losses or keep fixing it.
What broke. Is it a one time issue or a repeatable issue. It is a nice little amp, a bit on the warm side of neutral, for a $400 investment, but not so much if you expect future regular failure. It is an old amp, i.e. probably over 15 years but shit happens with any amp of any age.

Personally I would shop for a good quality used SS amp, if you are not adverse to their tonal qualities, with high current, to drive those speakers.

If you must have tubes be careful, high(er) power tube amps are not cheap, even used, and when so not necessarily too reliable. No free lunch there. If you have been happy with the 40wts from the SFS you might consider looking into some of the new(er) tube amps currently available in that range. Even some of the integrated ones which get some high marks.