Tube amp repairs in Asheville, NC?

Getting ready to re-locate to Asheville, NC and was wondering if any of you might know of anybody in that "neck of the woods" that does tube amp repairs and service? I have a Jolida 502A that has been in storage for the past 2 1/2 years and I know I need to replace a power tube and fuse. Would definely like to find some in the area that has a Variac and is familiar with tube amps as I would like to have the amp thoroughly checked out. Also it would be nice to find a place that has some quality vintage equipment. Any help greatly appreciated.
Loyal Lawrence of Audio Service Inc. is very good and ethical and a nice guy. He has worked on my amps and turntables and serviced my tubed Onyx integrated amp.
Welcome to the Asheville area. Awesome place to live, voted #1 by Rolling Stone and Modern Maturity in the same month.
Not Asheville but if you're willing to travel to Charlotte Al Forbes has excellent service and really great pricing. He does audio equipment, pro sound equipment and guitar amps.
You can also send Carmine at Ctech Electronics ( an email. He may be able to help.

A few hours away from Asheville in Jamestown, NC.