Tube amp repair shop in/near NYC?

I think my tube amp has a defective bias supply as the output tube plate structure glowed ever brighter, the bias led came on and then the rail fuse blew. Trying another tube yield the same symptom (I turned the amp off when the bias led came on).

It may have been caused by shorting the speaker outputs when I was rearranging cables behind the amp and forgot to turn it off.
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Ben Jacoby at HEAR audio in Brooklyn. He is very good.
Also try Elite Audio
Blackie Pagano
Hi Jazzonthehudson

If you don't mind the drive to Douglaston Queens check out Scott Gramlich from SG Custom Sounds. He has did great work on my Jolida 502P tube amp and even a vintage Accuphase E202 integrated some time ago and I've been happy ever since. Whenever I've visited him he has had older McIntosh, vintage guitar amps and sometimes ARC stuff in his shop.

(718) 224-5083

Here is the info I found.

Best of luck
I can repair the amp or anything else you need. Send me a message through Agon. I'm in northern New Jersey and can meet you if necessary.

Thanks for the recommendations! It turned out to be two defective tubes that I tried sequentially, making me deduce incorrectly that the amp is defective. I called the first one, Ben Jacoby at HEAR audio in Brooklyn and he pointed out to that possibility. He also mentioned not to send the amp for repair before I made sure it is not the tubes, a very knowledgeable and honest person.
Glad you tried Ben and he was helpful. He's pretty well known in the NY area. What are the chances of trying two tubes in a row and both of them being bad! Glad you had a happy and inexpensive ending.
Regards Jet.
Ben High End Audio repair the BEST!!!!