Tube amp repair in texas

Anyone know a great tech who repairs tube integrated amps like the primaluna brand. Can be anywhere in the country.
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Mitch Singerman. 310-823-5145

was recommended by the guys at upscale audio  did work on my PL2
Frank Mufich in McKinney TX.  Extremely knowledgable, does outstanding work and an overall really good guy.
Thankyoubrian both. Are they able to get parts easily?
Grinned what was wrong with you pl2? Mine volume just increases unexpectedly and one channel is out.

arthurwhat did you have repaired with Frank?

Hi Brian,

It’s Grinnell :) as in the college lol

i had trouble switching to el34 tubes from the kt88’s, i kept blowing tubes and had a time of it biasing it manually. Mitch checked it out and replaced the tube socket where it shorted but couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. I had him up grade the solen caps to Auricaps to make the shipping seem worthwhile
Hi  grinnell, sorry about the autocorrect . Kevin suggested Fort Worth audio, have you had any interactions or heard any feedback? They sounded very knowledgable and were very patient. 

another vote for
#2 Mufichaudio 👍