Tube Amp Repair


I have a Primaluna evo300 integrated tube amp

recently one of my KT66 tubes went bad, i temporarily put a EL34 in which came with amp while waiting for new tube.

Putting the new KT66 in for some reason did not seat well and guide pin broke off.  I put the EL34 back in and some smoke came out the socket.   I then put the KT66 back in.

All 4 power tubes glow but no sound.   I do not want to ship unit back to west coast

ANYONE know a firm in NJ/NYC area that can take a look at what is going on?


Thanks MUCH

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     Did you remove the KT66's broken pin from the socket, before installing the EL34?

     I ask, because: a broken pin, if pushed through a tube socket, can often wreak havoc* on the other side.

     ie: There are wires and resistors that pass beneath the EVO300's, right channel sockets.

I agree on the recommendation for Steve Leung. He often has a queue going but he does quality work and is a stand up guy. 

@jasonbourne52 -

         Now, back to reality:     

     There's a, "key" on the side of the, "guide pin" and that fits in a, "keyway", in the side of the, "guide pin hole", to be precise (correct nomenclature).      Folks still interchange the terms, however.              

     Push a couple bare wires and/or resistor leads together with a piece of plastic and let me know how that works out for you.

                       Have a nice (imaginary) day, "Jason Bourne".

Where are you located, NJ, I'm in Plainfield, and drive 35 minutes to VAS in Cliffwood. I agree, Steve and his son Ray at VAS are terrific.




NJ Primaluna Dealers



I will call VAS, I also called Bristol Electronics in HoHoKus who used to be a primaluna repair.   I checked fuse on autobias and it is ok, so i have a feeling it is a resister or something under the socket.   groan


btw, does anyone know who might rent or loan an amp for a few months while waiting for fix?  

I am in northern New Jersey  we can repair the amp no problem

We also build our own tube components so you can get a handle on what an upgrade would also sound like

Our Listening Room is in Boonton NJ

PM me

A great tube engineer builder Radu Tarta is near theNY boarder in CT 

he does mods for most amps are not that well engineered 

and the primal luna tube sockets are very cheap , good ones are gold over Copper Teflon sockets that alone sonically a nice improvement .

Hello all of my friends and Audiogoners.

This is my first response on this fantastic forum.

Your request finally motivated me to come out of the closet, after almost three years of continuously deriving all sort of audio solutions and knowledge for my own need in my very late re-entry into this hobby.

At 67, and still building my sound room w/over $120 K in gear waiting in the boxes. Equi=Tech 5WQ wall cabinet currently in transit.

Anyway, with a such a lengthy introduction I just want to share my two cents regarding your dilemma.

I once contacted Bigkidz and ended up sending him my Cary 306 CD for a complete overhaul and an upgrade package. Couldn't be more happier with his professionalism and attention to detail. He has upgraded and improved the unit's sonic characteristics with over hundred new components for a very reasonable cost.

Good luck, and thank you all for educating me on this forum.



So sorry to see this happen.

I did a similar Performance dropping in a Kt88 without ceter pin, 1 pin off and smoke. Called Rogue audio tech dept, told me to look for obvious burnt parts.Found 3 resistors blown up, Replaced them myself and worked fine.

Sent it back to factory just for well being, Guess i fixed it fine as they found nothing wrong.

Id send it in to factory service..

Thanks all for the help.  I wound up getting the unit to Vu Jade Audio in Boonton.  Peter and Karl were very responsive and obviously very knowledgeable.   I am expecting a easy fix as appears resister got fried.