Does anyone know where I can get my Roque Audio amp repaired in the Maryland, DC, PA, Northern VA areas?
Why not Rogue located in Pa.?
Speak with Bill at Music Technology .


Sometimes I wonder why people even have internet service as they surely dont use it .

Contact Information

For more information about Rogue Audio or Rogue products, call 570-992-9901. Inquiries about Rogue or Rogue products are also answered by e-mail.

Rogue Audio, Inc.
PO Box 1076
3 Marian Lane
Brodheadsville, PA 18322
You might also want to consider Bob Backert at RHB Sound Desizn - he is unbelievably wonderful with anything that has tubes and has worked on, upgraded, and modified all of the Rogue products. You can get more info about him on his website at
Speak with Bill at Music Technology .

+1 Bill is excellent. They are just off the beltway in Springfield, Va.
If you talk with Rogue they might be ok with sending you a schematic, I don't know their policy but it doesn't hurt to ask. This would give you the option of using a good local electronics shop. If you are interested in a little tinkering sometimes when you pop the cover the problem is obvious (e.g. overheated & blackened resistor).