Tube amp recomondations for Monitor audio RX6's?

High every one my sister boyfriend has a pair of monitor audio silver RX6 speakers that he bought a while back. But he never has used them for anything. then I asked him why don't you make a simple dedicated 2 channel listing system. So he is just starting out.

And since me and my dad both have a cary Cad120s amps and cary SLP-98 preamps. He would like to keep up in our ranks of having a dedicated 2 channel system haha. And he thinks it would be cool to have an integrated tube amp to get a system started with the monitor audio speakers.

I looked at the specks of the speakers and they are 90DB efficient and are a 6ohm load recommended 40-120watts.

I found 2 integrated tube amps for him
Triode corp TRV-88SE KT88 push-pull integrated
Also living in canada we only have a select couple of dealers that have tube amps. Plus don want anything above $3000 canadian dollars since 2500 is already pushing the budget.
Any other recomondations
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The Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Integrated Amplifier is
very nice and is within your budget.

I just had a chance to listen to the new Rogue Audio
Sphinx Integrated Amplifier and was really impressed. It
is a hybrid design, but it sounded wonderful and is only
I had a pair of the RX6's right after they came out & ran them with a 45wpc.Yaqin EL34 integrated.These speakers will sound AMAZING with just about any tube amp from about 20wpc.(depending on listening level & type of music) on up.At the entry level is the Yaqin MS-30,Class A Push Pull EL34 around $600.00.Slightly above this level & imo as good as anything up to $2000.00 is the Cayin A-50(EL34) or A-55(KT88)around $1500.00-1750.00...Shoot the whole budget & get an Almarro 318B, which would take those speakers as far as they could possibly go & also handle upgrade speakers to around $10,000.00.I also discovered the RX6's REALLY like to be BiWired & don't use Silver anything in the signal chain.