Tube Amp recommendations to drive Klipsch Forte III

Looking for a good tube amp to pair with Klipsch Forte IIIs. I like my DAC/pre-amp. But I'm open to Integrated.  
You didn’t mention that I saw what you want to spend? Cayin stuff is great for the money and sounded good on multiple speakers I had including Klipsch. 
@charles1dad   Did you see the 2019 Stereophile review of the Luxman SQ-N150?  Ken Micallef really liked the pairing with Forte III's, in fact in some ways better than his O/93's.  The DNA looks similar to the Leben for sure with possibly a little less drive due to 5 fewer watts - and possibly transformer quality (tough to say).  But talk about value - $2,795 and it comes with MM/MC phono?  This could make a lot of Forte III owners happy I'm sure.  It did sound like MC carts performed appreciably better using a SUT instead of the onboard MC stage - not surprising at this price point.
No, I was not aware of this review.  Thanks for providing the link.
Sometimes amplifier builders will sacrifice a bit of output power to place the operational point in the so called "sweet spot" for a given tube.  Whatever may be the case both,  the Leben CS 300 and Luxman SQ N150 would be exceptionally good choices.