Tube amp recommendation for Maggie MMG

My current set up for stereo is:

Integra DVD player used as a CD player (Oppo 105 on the way)
TAD-150 Signature pre-amp
Emotiva XPA-2
MMG (eventually to be upgraded to MG12 or 1.7 - love the Maggie sound)
Rel T2 sub

I listen to Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson (front man for PT), Perfect Circle. I'm also getting into jazz, and fusion and enjoying it immensely. I do NOT like it ear bleeding loud. I do not want my neighbour in his house to know which band I'm listening to.

I'm looking to buy a tube amplifier for under $1500 that can drive the MMG to reasonably loud volumes. I love the Maggie sound, so my plan is to eventually upgrade to an MG12 or the 1.7 depending on which I feel best suits my room (maybe another thread?). I want to experiment with a full tube set up and see which I prefer.

Anybody have any recommendations for tube amplifiers? I would prefer to not get recommendations for different solid state amps. I'm very happy with the XPA-2.
Cary SLM-100 would be good amps for what you want.
There is a Mesa Baron here on the Gon that I would think would be a great match. The amp can be twitched from pentode to triode and is built like a tank. Plenty of power for planer and any upgrade to a larger model in the future..
Thanks guys. I was also looking at the PrimaLuna Prologue series. Maybe the Six if I can find one used?

How much power do I really need? Will a well built tube amp with 50W output be sufficient?
I have sold a few Rogue Cronus Magnums to customers that had the 1.7 Maggies. Each of those customers enjoyed the sound quite a bit. Perhaps you could look for a used Rogue Atlas Magnum?
A relatively inexpensive solution is to buy 2 Jolida 502p amps and wire 'em to mono for 120 watts each.