Tube amp recommendation for Gallo Reference 3's

I have Gallo Ref3 speakers with the Gallo subamp. Been using NAD S100 preamp and NAD S200 amp. Recently switched to the ModWright 9.0SE preamp. Amazing difference! I had not really heard a soundstage before. Much more involving musically without a big change in tonal balance. Now I am thinking of going tubes all the way. Any recommendation for something under $3K? I listen to jazz and rock mainly.
Ditto on what Paul said. I'm running them with a 70 Tube P/P amp with ease, plays just a loud and effortlessly as the 250 watt hybrid, 250 watt SS, 1000 watt commercial and 150 watt switching amps I've had recently. All of those are gone, the tube amp remains. It's still amazing to me how much misinformation is given about a tube amps ability to power a speakers, of course most of the advice is based on speculation and not actual listening.
I am running them with the Genesis M60 monoblocks($3500) and they are stunning! I have also paired them with the VTL st-150 which is also a great match. For reference, using Modwright SWL 9.0 preamp with Channel Islands vda2 dac.
Sorry for resurrecting such an older thread but this came up on a google search. Anyone have any thoughts of pairing a HH Scott 299C with the Gallo Reference 3? I have the sub amp to power the 2nd voice coil so I'd be using the 299C to just power the rest. Thanks in advance.